Sidchrome Imperial 1-1/16

Sidchrome Imperial 1-1/16" Combination Spanner

Sidchrome Imperial 1-11/16

Sidchrome Imperial 1-11/16" Combination Spanner

Sidchrome Imperial 1-5/16" Combination Spanner

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Antislip DesignTMSidchrome Open End Spanners and the open end of the Combination Ring & Open End Spanners (up to 32mm/1-1/4”) feature the innovative ANTI-SLIP DESIGN™. ANTI-SLIP DESIGN™ features a locking groove to prevent slippage and knuckle injury. The unique arc design increases surface contact by over 400%. This means increased torque is applied to the fastener resulting in fewer rounded fasteners meaning the job is faster and safer.Sidchrome Imperial spanners are manufactured to meet or exceed relevant ASME and DIN nternational quality standards. So you can be sure your Sidchrome tools are tough enough to stand up to the harshest working environments. Part No:  22431
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