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Metcal Scorpion Rework System Demonstration

Metcal Introduces the newest in the APR family of rework systems: Scorpion.

Metcal Scorpion Rework System Reballing

This video shows how to reball a BGA using the latest Metcal Scorpion Array Rework System.

Metcal SmartHeat, how does it work?

The secret is revealed here!

SmartHeat Soldering in action

Watch how SmartHeat will make your job easier.

New Metcal MX-500 Soldering, Desoldering & Rework System

The MX-500 has been reimagined, adding features and a new look to a bench top icon. Built upon SmartHeat™ Technology, the MX-500 assures extremely responsive and highly controlled heating delivering the exact energy needed to ensure a precise and reliable solder connection.

New Metcal HCT2-120 Digital Hot Air Pencil

The HCT2-120 boasts a 120 watt ceramic heater and dual stage air pump that provides the power and performance needed to deliver the right amount of thermal energy. Additionally, two LED displays provide graphical and numerical representation of the desired airflow and temperature.

MX-5241 Dual Simultaneous Precision Tweezers, Soldering and Rework System

Users get maximum application flexibility for soldering and reworking the widest range of surface mount components with this system configuration. This video demonstrate how to use the Precision Tweezers.

Small but packed with power: meet the MFR-1110

There's nothing the MFR-1110 Soldering & Rework system can't handle as shown in this video.

Easy to operate BVX-200 Fume Extraction System

This video shows how quickly the BVX-200 can be set up and how easy the filters can be replaced.

New Side View Camera for Metcal Scorpion Rework System

See how the APR-SRS-UK3 Side View Camera easily attaches to the Metcal Scorpion Rework System, and facilitates visibility of reflow.

Metcal Scorpion Optical Calibration

Perform an optical calibration to verify the placement accuracy of your Scorpion Rework System.

MFR-1160 Soldering System with Metcal SSC Cartridges

The Metcal MFR-1160 is an economical and versatile alternative to the previous Metcal SP200 soldering system. The hand piece is light and quite sleek, and takes the same SSC soldering tip cartridges as the SP200. Look out for the new MFR-1160 look...soon to be Metcal rebranded.

Metcal MX-5000 Soldering & Rework Systems

This system is now available for simultaneous use so two operators can operate it at the same time sharing the total available power depending on the load, or one operator can use it for two applications gaining a huge amount of time by having two hand-pieces ready to go! Check it out, it is called the MX-5200 Series.

Metcal MX-5000 for 0201 Rework

See how the Metcal MX-5000 Series Smartheat Soldering System can rework 0201 components flawlessly.

Metcal MX-5000 with Desoldering Hand-piece

How to setup and use the MX-5000 with its MX-DS1 desoldering handpiece.

Metcal MX-5000 with Ultra-Fine Soldering Hand-piece

See how easy it is to change cartridges on the Ultra Fine Soldering Handpiece supplied with the Metcal MX-5000.

Metcal MX-5000 with Tweezer Hand-piece

How to use the Metcal MX-PTZ precision tweezers.

Metcal MX-5000 with Standard and Ultra Fine Hand-pieces

Take a look at the size differences between the standard and ultra fine handpieces.

MFR-1300 Soldering and Desoldering Systems

Versatile and easy to use, here is how:

Ceramic Substrate Rework with PCT-1000 Pre-Heater

Reworking ceramic substrate using the digital and programmable PCT-1000 Pre-Heater to heat substrate to 100°C.

Placement with flux with MRS-1100A Modular Rework System

Highlights the operation and features of the OK International MRS-1000A by showing a placement operation.